The Dakota Story

Dakota Resources, Inc. was incorporated in December, 1987. The corporation's name was chosen because of our fondness of the history of the American Indian. Dakota is actually Lakota in the Indian dialect and is translated to mean "allies". The Dakota Sioux were the largest of the Plains nation, numbering some 25,000 in 1780. These Indians dominated an enormous territory, reaching from Canada to the Platte River and from Minnesota to the Yellowstone River. Those who have researched Plains history are unanimous in praising the Dakota Sioux for their courage, resourcefulness and accomplishments.

To the Dakota Sioux, the buffalo was the source of all good things material and spiritual. Our first commercial well was the Wakan Tanka Federal # 1, potentialed in 1988 for 30 BOPD and 130 BWPD. Wankan Tanka was the Great White Buffalo Spirit. The White Buffalo was considered the greatest of all buffalos. No part of the buffalo was wasted by the Indian. The hides were for clothes, shoes, and wigwam walls. The meat was for food, the sinews were for weapons and cords; the horns and hoofs were used for implements and adornments. It is shameful to think the white man practically destroyed the entire population for hides and tongue.

All of the wells drilled and completed by Dakota Resources share the same Indian names that portray a great people who have not been forgotten. Dakota strives to be as the Indians were with mother earth; respectful, thankful, and most of all honest. We feel that a company based upon these same principles will succeed and overcome all obstacles such as the great Native Americans have.

We make it our responsibility to create a portfolio of prospects that pose a low risk, yet highly economical position to our investors. By diversifying our prospects throughout the greater Permian Basin area we feel that our risk is spread evenly, this in turn keeps our investors from getting tied up in a generalized idea. By doing this we provide a higher return on investment without focusing on one particular play. Driving towards excellence and overall greater financial achievement is what Dakota Resources does everyday.